The Hope '91 Sled Dog Race from Nome, Alaska to Anadyr, Russia

The story of this historic race from Nome, Alaska to Anadyr, Chukotka, Russia is a testament to the courage and vision of a handful of Alaskans, and their counterparts across the Bering Strait, who saw the value in building a bridge between their countries via a month-long 1,200-mile sled dog race across some of the wildest lands on Earth. They brought together mushers from Alaska, Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Japan and Chukotka, in an effort to share the skills and knowledge of long distance sled dog racing. Along the way they shared friendships, faced unimaginable perils, and inspired a renewed interest in the ancient sled dog breeding traditions.

Original artwork is by the legendary Alaskan artist Jon Van Zyle, who was a race judge and a major coordinator of the race, and color photographs by Jon and by official race photographer Frank Flavin bring the sparse landscape and the details of the race to light. A comprehensive retelling of the story of the month-long 1,200-mile race is the long-lost writing of the offiicial race media liaison, Sandra Medearis, who worked at the time for the widely respected newspaper The Nome Nugget.

The story takes a number of unexpected turns, such as when the leading musher goes missing for days, when the runners of the mushers' sleds are chewed to nothing by the windblown gravel trails, and when armed Russian authorities fly into a remote checkpoint searching for answers to the deaths of several villagers in the wake of the race. Jon Van Zyle shares personal stories of incidents along the trail, from the amusing and humorous to one harrowing night at the edge of a cliff which still gives him nightmares. Along the route the villagers and race volunteers--the people of Chukotka--welcome the intrepid mushers and their sled dog teams with warmth, friendship, hospitality, and an enduring grace.

228 Seiten / Englisch
handsigniert von Jon Van Zyle + Helen Hegener

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The History of Sled Dogs in North America / From the Bering Sea to the Atlantic Ocean

This full color elegantly illustrated book traces the history of the great sled dog teams who ran the snow-covered trails of the past, hauling freight, gold, mail, passengers and more, and providing what was often the only access to isolated towns and villages of the north. From the Native hunters bringing home their game to the early explorers discovering new routes, and from the great gold rushes to the life-saving Serum Run to Nome in 1925, dogs were the most reliable mode of transportation in an unforgiving land. Miners, scientists, surveyors, missionaries, doctors, polar explorers and many others relied on the dogs who carried the tools and supplies needed by those who settled in remote places. But this book also traces the history of mushing in more settled regions, from California to Colorado to New York and Maine, dog teams carried the mail, supplies, and passengers when winter snows made other travel difficult. There were splendid races as well, from the historic Ashton Dog Derby to the great Winnipeg to St. Paul race in 1917, which would become the stuff of legends and a popular Disney movie.

With contributions by some of the foremost sled dog historians, the book features dozens of photographs, illustrations, and beautiful art. Historic newspaper and magazine articles, vintage books and journals, government reports, and even the Congressional Record are among the resources cited in tracing the history of sled dogs in North America. This book will become a landmark reference on the interdependence of man and dog, showcasing the different breeds and types of dogs, the various kinds of sleds and harnesses, and the wide range of men and women who found reason to drive sled dog teams into some of the harshest regions of Earth.

416 Seiten / Englisch
handsigniert von Helen Hegener

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Double Vision Alaska

Jeff and Jon are two artists and friends that live and work in Alaska. Jeff Schultz is a photographer and Jon Van Zyle is an artist. Both are longtime Alaskans with a deep love for the Last Frontier.

In a unique combination of camera and canvas, the two present an intimate perspective of the great state of Alaska, in its four distinct seasons, that can only be captured across many years of adventure, exploration, and friendship.  Jeff, in his photography, and Jon, in his painting, reveal their deep love for the natural world, an appreciation for the unique culture of Alaska, and an invitation to explore the wilds of the Last Frontier.

For every double page spread, each artist has selected their favorite image (painting or photo) and then combined it with a smaller, supporting image from the other artist to further the page theme. Like a tapestry or a symphony, the embellishments and variations enrich the final product.

In several instances, Jeff and Jon have combined their artistic talents to create a unique new format to enhance each other’s work.  Jon actually paints on one of Jeff’s photographs to combine their visions, creating a whole new portrayal.

Enjoy the anecdotal commentary provided by the artists’ wives, Joan Schultz and Jona Van Zyle, as they serve as your tour guides through all four seasons in their home state.  Their added insight into the creativity and dedication of their husbands’ work pursuits acts as a backstage pass to the experience of capturing the essence of Alaska through photography and paintbrush.

143 Farbseiten / Englisch

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Iditarod Memories - 40th Anniversary Edition of Official Race Art

Abbildungen alle Kunstdrucke, Poster und Lithos zum Iditarod-Rennen seit 1976.
Jon Van Zyle (Bilder) & Jona Van Zyle (Text)

Geschichten zu den ersten 40 Jahre "Official Iditarod poster" und zusätzlich, zum ersten Mal, die ersten 34 Jahre der "Official Iditarod Collector limited edition prints"

168 Farbseiten

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Jon Van Zyle, My Colorful Life of Art and Adventure

As a youth, Jon remembers his artistic mother encouraging him and his twin brother to express their creativity. It worked. Both Jon and his twin brother are professional artist today. Jon in Alaska and his brother in Hawaii. His love of the outdoors lured Jon to Alaska and the 49th State has become his inspiration.

Jon Van Zyle chronicles his diverse life in his autobiographic Alaska's Artist Jon Van Zyle: My Colorful Life of Art and Adventure, sharing the adventures of his earlist paintings to his recent work.

"Jon Van Zyle is the only artist in Alaska that buys paint in 55 gallon barrels. Earing the title of Alaska's Artist ist certainly befitting of his talent and passion for the untamed state. The versatility of his artwork and it's reception by Alaskans and international art connoisseurs speaks for itself when trying to describe Jon's uniquely famous position in the art world. Jon is prolific and impassioned with each gallery painting and the illustraions of children's books he depicts through his unique artist's eye."    - Dennis Corrington, Skagway Entrepreneur

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IDITAROD - The First Ten Years

424 Seiten, 416 Fotos, 95 Originalbilder vom offiziellen Iditarod-Künstler und zweimaligen Finisher Jon Van Zyle. Gewicht des Buches 2,9kg! In englischer Sprache

An anthology compiled be The Old Iditarod Gang

...bursting at the seams with fond memories, hard work, gutsy survival stories, pranks and 1'049 miles worth of amazing Iditarod lore.
- Don Rearden, Author of The Raven's Gift

Mushers and dogs were its heart and purpose. But this adventure needed a cast of thousands, from a banker in Anchorage to a fisherman in Shaktoolik, to a mayor in Nome to a pilot flying dog food into Grayling, to a veterinarian who could field stitch a wicked slash below a sled dog's eye at minus -20oF in Skwentna. From vital to peripheral, we all had a part.
The Iditarod became a unifying force in Alaska, bringing bush and city, Native and non-Native Alaskans together, creating lifetime friendships, bonds that don't break.
That was the spirit of Joe Redington, right across Alaska. His spirit said: "This Iditarod is a great adventure - come join us!" He hold out the invitation to all willing to dare. In that spirit, in these pages, mushers, artists, writers and volunteers celebrate the first ten years of the Iditarod. Come join us.
- Frank Gerjevic

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A Polar Bear Journey

llustration: Jon Van Zyle / Text: Debbie S. Miller

In a cozy den protected from the sub-zero blizzard raging outside, a mother polar bear gives birth to two tiny cubs. For three months, the cubs grow stronger, until at last it is time to break out of the den and explore the wild world outside. Hunting, swimming, and travelling across dangerous sea ice are survival lessons the cubes must learn from their mother before they can venture out on their own. This insightful look at the world's most distinctive bear combines a moving story line with intriguing bits of information about the animal and its life in the Arctic. Jon Van Zyle's paintings show the beauty and the fury of the frozen landscape the polar bear calls home. 32 Seiten, durchgehend farbig illustriert, in englischer Sprache. Ab 4 Jahren. Auszeichnung: Booklist's Top Ten Animal Books for Youth.

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Baby Whale's Journey

Illustration: Jon Van Zyle / Text: Jonathan London

Off the Pacific coast of Mexico, a whale is born in a sea of stars. Swimming with Mama Whale and surrounded by a protective pod, Baby Whale begins to grow and learn. She speaks in creaks and clicks and murmurs. She dives through swirling galaxies of luminous fish. She encounters dangerous orcas and giant squid. Soon Baby Whale comes to know all of the ways of the whales and of the sea. Jonathan London's simple, poetic text captures the tenderness and drama in the life of the endangered sperm whale. And Jon Van Zyle's dynamic illustrations reveal the grace and magnificence of these mighty mammals. Included is an informative afterword and a reader's guide.
36 Seiten, durchgehend farbig illustriert, in englischer Sprache. Ab 4 Jahren.

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Honey Paw and Lightfoot

Illustration: Jon Van Zyle / Text: Jonathan London

Honey Paw and Lightfoot are given the readers a close-up and compelling glimpse of the magnificient grizzly bears. Readers will be entranced by the simple, poetic text, which follows Lightfoot from newborn bear, no bigger than a hamster, to curious cub to adolescent bear ready to head off on its own. The spectacular illustrations by one of Alaska's premier wildlife artists magnificenty portray the intelligence and strength of grizzly bears. And for readers who want to learn more, there is in an afterword providing detailed informations at th back of the book. 34 Seiten, gebunden und durchgehend farbig illustriert. In englischer Sprache.                                        

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Raven and River

Illustration: Jon Van Zyle / Text: Nancy White Carlstorm

Raven, black against the white snows of Alaska, swoops through the sky, calling out for the river below to awaken from its icy slumber. One by one, other arctic animals echo Raven's plea. At last the river answers with a murmur that grows steadily louder, until it, too, bursts forth with a playful springtime melody, burbling an gurgling in duet with Raven. Overflowing with the sights and sounds of the Alaskan landscape, Raven and River's poetic text and bold paintings create a unique celebration of spring. 36 Seiten, durchgehend farbig illustriert, in englischer Sprache.                                        

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The Eyes of Gray Wolf

Illustration: Jon Van Zyle / Text: Jonathan London

Listen carefully and you will hear the wild, untamed music of Gray Wolf as he races along icy ridges, howls at the moon, fiercely defends his territory, and, finally, finds a mate. Readers will be entranced by the simple poetic text, which follows the restless Gray Wolf as he wanders through a winter night, while the spectacular illustrations magnificently portray the grace and dignity of the noble wolf. For readers moved to learn more, a list of organizations is included at the back of the book, along with an afterword that provides more detailed informations on this elusive animal. The Eyes of the Gray Wolf offers an innovation approach to nature books and a dramatic look at a beautiful endangered species. 26 Seiten, durchgehend farbig illustriert, in englischer Sprache.                                                                                 

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Iditarod Classics

Illustrationen: Jon Van Zyle, Text Lew Freedman

"This Book is terrific. I promise you short of getting on a dog sled, travelling into the darkness and running the Iditarod yourself, this will be the next best thing to being there." Mitch Albom, Detroit Free Press

Geschichten über das längste Schlittenhunderennen der Welt, erzählt von Teilnehmenden. Lernen Sie die "verrückten" MusherInnen kennen und sehen Sie, was auf dieser abenteuerlichen Reise, quer durch Alaska, alles geschehen kann. Durchgehend s/w Bilder, davon viele von Jon Van Zyle's Gemälden, jeweils mit erklärendem Text. Jon hat selbst zwei Mal am Iditarod teilgenommen. 136 Seiten, schwarz-weiss illustriert, in englischer Sprache.

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More Iditarod Classics

Illustrationen: Jon Van Zyle, Text Lew Freedman

Tales of the Trail Told by teh Men & Women Who Race Across Alaska

Do they ever have tales to tell!

Picking up where the best-selling IDITAROD CLASSICS left off, this new collection of insightful and hair-raising stories introduces readers to more of the men and women who brave the annual 1'100-mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race from Anchorage to Nome.

Champions Doug Swingley, Martin Buser, Jeff King and others tell how they came to love the race, how they train their dogs and themselves, and how they challenge the elements of The Last Great Race.

For Alaska heroes such as DeeDee Jonrowe, Emmit Peter and Ramy Brooks, the Iditarod is always punishing but not punishing enough to deter them from trying again next year.

222 Seiten, schwarz-weiss illustrierte, in englischer Sprache.

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Iditarod Fact Book - A Complete Guide to the Last Great Race

Illustration: Jon Van Zyle / Text: Sue Mattson / Fotos: Jeff Schultz.

The easy-to-use IDITAROD FACT BOOK is filled with fun, fascinating facts and figures about the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race - a wealth of information about the dogs, the mushers, the organizers and volunteers, the sleds and gear, the checkpoints, the trail, plus the complete text of the official Iditarod race rules and policies. 190 Seiten, schwarz-weiss, in englischer Sprache.

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Iditarod Memories - 25 Years of Posters Art from the last great race

Illustration: Jon Van Zyle / Text: Jona Van Zyle

Iditarod Memories is a nostalgie collection of the first twenty-five annual posters created by Iditarod veteran and popular Alaskan artist Jon Van Zyle to commemorate the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. Each poster tells a story - as written by Jona Van Zyle - touching on: a musher's emotions running 1'049 miles and the thrill of crossing the finish line at Nome; the close bond and working relationship between musher and dog against nature; an insider's view of encounters with wolves, frozen rivers, blizzards and northern lights; behind-the-scenes support of volunteers, the Iditarod Air Forces and village checkpoints and the drama of the 1925 Nome Serum Run. English.

CHF 39.00

The Great Serum Race - Blazing the Iditarod Trail

Illustration: Jon Van Zyle / Text: Debbie S. Miller.

The History of the Iditarod Race. Colour Illustrations.

Die historische Geschichte zum Iditarod-Rennen. 40 Seiten, durchgehend farbig illustriert, in englischer Sprache.

CHF 39.00


Illustration: Jon Van Zyle / Text: Brian Heinz

An Arctic Quest. Aknik approached his snare hopefully. "This time I will make Father proud", he whispered. "This time I will show them all." His heartbeat quickened, but he feard what he would find. The boy studied the trap. "Empty", he muttered. "Empty again !" What will I tell the camp today he wondered, How will I return with pride ? So begins this original story of a young Inupiat boy who seeks to prove himself worthy of hunting for his village and to silence the taunts of the other village boys. During his quest, Aknik mus draw upon both his courage and compassion as he faces a task that teaches him more about himself and about manhood than he ever could have imagined. 36 Seiten, durchgehend farbig illustriert, in englischer Sprache. Ab 4 Jahren.                                        

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