Offset-Lithografie: Iditarod Print 2017 - Three Dog Night

Offset-Lithografie, handsigniert und handnummeriert. Limitierte Auflage !
Grösse: Höhe 33 / Breite 50 cm
Gerahmt mit Schweizer Naturholz-Rahmen

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Kunstdruck: Iditarod 2017 - For those left Behind

Iditarod Serie / Kunstdruck, handsigniert. Limitierte Auflage!
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Frisch ab Presse, das neuste Buch von Jon & Jona Van Zyle

Iditarod Memories - 40th Anniversary Edition of Official Race Art

Abbildungen alle Kunstdrucke, Poster und Lithos zum Iditarod-Rennen seit 1976.
Jon Van Zyle (Bilder) & Jona Van Zyle (Text)

Geschichten zu den ersten 40 Jahre "Official Iditarod poster" und zusätzlich, zum ersten Mal, die ersten 34 Jahre der "Official Iditarod Collector limited edition prints"

168 Farbseiten

CHF 38.90

-> Bist du ein Sammler? Einige der oft vergriffenen Bilder sind hier auf unserer Website

Buch: Jon & Jona Van Zyle

As a youth, Jon remembers his artistic mother encouraging him and his twin brother to express their creativity. It worked. Both Jon and his twin brother are professional artist today. Jon in Alaska and his brother in Hawaii. His love of the outdoors lured Jon to Alaska and the 49th State has become his inspiration.

Jon Van Zyle chronicles his diverse life in his autobiographic Alaska's Artist Jon Van Zyle: My Colorful Life of Art and Adventure, sharing the adventures of his earlist paintings to his recent work.

"Jon Van Zyle is the only artist in Alaska that buys paint in 55 gallon barrels. Earing the title of Alaska's Artist ist certainly befitting of his talent and passion for the untamed state. The versatility of his artwork and it's reception by Alaskans and international art connoisseurs speaks for itself when trying to describe Jon's uniquely famous position in the art world. Jon is prolific and impassioned with each gallery painting and the illustraions of children's books he depicts through his unique artist's eye."    - Dennis Corrington, Skagway Entrepreneur

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Buch: IDITAROD - The First Ten Years

424 Seiten, 416 Fotos, 95 Originalbilder vom offiziellen Iditarod-Künstler und zweimaligen Finisher Jon Van Zyle. Gewicht des Buches 2,9kg! In englischer Sprache

An anthology compiled be The Old Iditarod Gang

...bursting at the seams with fond memories, hard work, gutsy survival stories, pranks and 1'049 miles worth of amazing Iditarod lore.
- Don Rearden, Author of The Raven's Gift

Mushers and dogs were its heart and purpose. But this adventure needed a cast of thousands, from a banker in Anchorage to a fisherman in Shaktoolik, to a mayor in Nome to a pilot flying dog food into Grayling, to a veterinarian who could field stitch a wicked slash below a sled dog's eye at minus -20oF in Skwentna. From vital to peripheral, we all had a part.
The Iditarod became a unifying force in Alaska, bringing bush and city, Native and non-Native Alaskans together, creating lifetime friendships, bonds that don't break.
That was the spirit of Joe Redington, right across Alaska. His spirit said: "This Iditarod is a great adventure - come join us!" He hold out the invitation to all willing to dare. In that spirit, in these pages, mushers, artists, writers and volunteers celebrate the first ten years of the Iditarod. Come join us.
- Frank Gerjevic

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Offset-Lithografie: Iditarod Print 2016 - Ruby Sky

Offset-Lithografie, Giclee, handsigniert und handnummeriert. Limitierte Auflage !
Grösse: Höhe 31 / Breite 56 cm
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Kunstdruck: Iditarod 2016 - Celebrationg 40 Years of Official Poster Art

Iditarod Serie / Kunstdruck, handsigniert. Limitierte Auflage!
Grösse: Höhe 61 / Breite 32 cm

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